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Lexie offers many different kinds of private makeup instruction and personal shopping services.  Lexie started in retail beauty, and got a chance to work for multiple brands, and experience lots of brand education.  Compiling that with her years as a makeup artist with no affiliation to any particular brand, Lexie is uniquely positioned to give you honest, expert opinions on product, skills, and tools.



This package is an at-home session.  After countless trips to the makeup counter and various drug stores, you have drawers of goodies, and you probably use the same 5-10 items, and much of what you own has seen no love!


With this package, Lexie will join you in your makeup haven, and help you make sense of the mystery.  While there will be some items that have seen better days, together, you'll suface treasures you didn't know you had and learn a bevy of tricks for simple glamour.


Lexie will then walk you through the full creation of a regular skin care routine, a quick and easy every day makeup, and some tricks to take your look from day to night.  You'll share each step, hands on.  Lexie will show you the skills you need to recreate the look, on your own -- no makeup artist required!





With this package, Lexie will send you a personalized questionnaire, helping pin point your needs, your budget, and your deepest beauty desires.  Then, she'll create a personalized shopping list complete with must haves and some fun experiments to try!


Together, you'll brave new colors and textures and work through a how-to for each product you purchase.  Since Lexie has tried almost everything on the market, but makes no commission for selling any particular product, you'll get honest answers and expert recommendations.


After you purchase your new kit, Lexie will meet you at your home for a personalized lesson with your new products.  We'll label, take notes, and leave you feeling like the expert on your fresh new look!





This personalized master class starts in your own little makeup corner where we'll go through your goods together, label your kit, and create a shopping list specific to your needs and your loves.  Lexie will also do a full, expert evaluation of your skin, coloring, and bone structure.


The second step is an expertly guided shopping trip at your favorite beauty destination.  We'll fill in what you're missing, try new things, and prioritize all your product purchases for your budget and lifestyle.  


Once you've got your loot, we'll head back to your new, organized beauty haven, and create a beauty regimen incorporating all your choices.  Lexie will give you a step by step, hands-on, lesson with to create a polished everyday look.  We'll spend a few extra minutes when that's done going over tips to kick that look up for your next special day, and an additional layer of tricks to add some smolder to your aresenal.


You'll end your day knowing exactly what's in your beauty bank, and how to create a look you love for any occasion.




90 Min Private Lesson                     $150

90 Min Group Lesson (3-6 ppl)       Starting at $50/person

90 Min "Party" Lesson (10 Min)     $35 Per Person


Event Makeup: $150 (In-Studio Discounts Available)

FX and Fantasy Makeup: Starting at $200

Bridal Packages Start at $275

Please contact for more info!

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