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Galaxy Panda Liner

I have been buying the Pat McGrath products every launch, and I am never disappointed. Both the quality and the amount of product in her kits is always impressive. Dark Star 006 ($130; is no different

I purchased the kit in Ultra Violet, and it also comes in Suede Brown. The other kit is all the same pieces, but replaces the metallic indigo shadow with a metallic golden brown.

I have a two year old and have been working on multiple projects, so free play time to just explore new products has been rare. Last week I did get a chance to sit and play, so I wanted to attempt to do something using all or most of the kit to get a feel for the products.

I started with the chubby crayon and drew and filled in the basic shape you see here. I picked up some of the liner on a lip brush and did an extra layer of black and cleaned up the edges.

Then I took the ultra violet shadow and pressed it into random patches in the shape. I did the same action with the mercury pigment, and another Pat McGrath pigment from the Skin Fetish launch called "Pink." (No longer available, but the ABH Moonchild Shade 'Pink Opal' is very similar)

To finish I used the crayon in my water line (which went on like butter and SO black and opaque) and layered a bunch of the Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash ($24;

I did the white dots/stars last with the Kat Vod D Ink Liner ($20;

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